To build customer loyalty and repeat business, your customers need to provide optimal service to their guests. That means everything from a seamless hotel check-in, fast restaurant recommendations or scheduling room cleaning to accommodate guests.

Zebra's hospitality communication devices include mobile computers with push-to-talk and VoIP capabilities—empowering your customers workforce with the performance edge to deliver superior service where it matters most. Front desk check-in lines will be shorter. Their concierge staff will be ready and able to respond promptly to the needs of guests. Housekeeping staff can be deployed whenever and wherever they're needed and so much more.

Take a look at the Zebra Hospitality range, available through Ingram Micro...
Are your customers looking for low-cost mobile phones for their workers? Help them step up to the business-class durable TC26 Touch Computer — without stepping up in price. Help them choose the connectivity their workers need – with the Wi-Fi/cellular TC26. While also choosing the features that will allow their workers to improve task accuracy and on-the-job efficiency.
Introducing the TC53 and TC58, the first members of a new generation of Zebra mobile computers designed to do more. What makes these devices so different? New hardware redefines mobile computing performance. New solutions and sensor technologies as well as all the latest and fastest wireless technologies, including 5G, Wi-Fi 6E. Redefine the world of possibilities.
ZXP Series Card Printer
Engineered to meet your customers high-security application needs, the ZXP Series 9™ will support them to produce photo-quality cards quickly and reliably. Ideal for printing photos and graphics, the dependable ZXP Series 9 printer incorporates Zebra’s Colour Predictive Technology, featuring algorithms that constantly monitor and instantaneously adapt printer settings to automatically produce the highest print quality. As a retransfer printer, it will enable them to produce extremely durable, true to edge-to-edge cards – even on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards. 
The Wi-Fi only TC52x and the Wi-Fi/cellular TC57x add support for the latest mobile innovations, paving the way for new apps such as payment solutions that deliver more value and superior future proofing. Support for more Mobility DNA tools makes everything easier—from the user interface to device management, integration and app development.
The EC30 is specially designed for portability: it's small, lightweight and durable. Over 18 Zebra-only innovative Mobility DNA tools take ease of use, integration, deployment and everyday management to a new level, providing unmatched functionality and value. The EC30 delivers comprehensive voice capabilities. It's a walkie-talkie, and a cordless PBX handset.
The EC50 WiFi and EC55 WiFi/cellular enterprise mobile computers are the thinnest, lightest Zebra mobile computers yet. With the EC50/EC55, Zebra has introduced a new category—an individually assigned enterprise mobile computer with an optional integrated scanner. Businesses of any size, from large enterprises to SMBs, will appreciate the benefits of the EC50/EC55 for diverse applications inside the four walls and out in the field.
Extreme environments, bangs and bumps are no match for ZQ500 printers. Engineered with military-grade durability, they can withstand significant drops to concrete, sprayed liquids, dirt, accidents and more that are common in mobile workplaces.
2D barcodes have made their way to your Point of Sale, appearing on everything from the items your customers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards.

Your 1D scanner can’t capture the new 2D codes, leading to exceptions that slow down the check-out process and frustrate customers at that key last personal touchpoint in your store.

But with the DS2200 Series, your customers can scan it all.
The ultra-versatile CS60 Series Companion Scanner adapts to any workflow. Its groundbreaking design easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as your customers needs change for superior investment protection.
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