In today’s connected world with greater demands for energy efficiency, enhancing supply chain visibility can add significant value for organisations. Organisations are increasingly under pressure to deliver the benefits of enhanced visibility in the near term but are hampered due to the complexity and cost associated with multi-vendor solutions needed to track assets indoors, outdoors, and across international borders.

Ingram Micro offers flexible, scalable IoT and AI solutions which unlock the capabilities of low power, energy efficient power sensing, aligned specifically to supply chain and asset tracking. Work with Ingram Micro to make asset tracking simple. Harness the capabilities of a platform that enables low power asset/personnel tracking both indoors and outdoors with reduced infrastructure density, complexity and cost.

The ultimate purpose of tracking assets is to know the exact location of an asset and to better understand how it is being utilised. Using IoT enabled sensor technology, automatically capture and digitise data without any input and use this data to better streamline operations.
Explore The Top 3 Challenges Associated With Campus Wide Asset Tracking
Indoor and Outdoor Location Proximity Tracking
Ensure Time Efficient Movement of Components
Monitor Environmental Parameters in Storage
Track and Monitor Assets in Transit

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