There are many reasons to partner with Extreme Networks, a pioneer in network technology, that offers one of the most comprehensive solution ranges today. From the access area to the data centre, more than 30,000 end customers have already convinced themselves. Convince yourself as well and become a partner of Extreme Networks

From Education and Hospitality to Healthcare and Retail, Extreme combines world-class products with a global perspective to build nimble networks that deliver a tighter connection with customers and stronger bottom-line results. With the acquisition of technology from Avaya, Brocade and most recently Aerohive Networks, Extreme have grown from strength to strength securing 3rd place in the market. With extreme networks in-house award-winning technical support, healthy margins and hands on approach to winning business you will never be disappointed with making Extreme networks your first choice

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ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Help your organization automate end-to-end, edge-to-DC network operations. With ExtremeCloud ™ IQ you get insights into statistics while securing and optimizing the end user and applications. Extreme's completely new approach to end-to-end network management and operations offers a fully integrated and comprehensive platform that simplifies design, deployment and security.

Extreme is aware that every network is mission-critical. To maintain the highest levels of protection, management and compliance, Extreme's Cloud platforms are ISO / IEC 27001 certified to meet local data protection requirements such as the GDPR. In addition, the Extrme Cloud Platform is hosted via Amazon AWS data centers.
Automated Campus

The Enterprise campus is one of the most annoying IT environments to manage. The rapid onboarding of Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) users, the rapid adaptation to changing technologies and the prevention of cyber attacks at every entry point. With the solution from Extreme Networks, that's no problem. Deploy new digital technologies safely, easily and intelligently within your organizations. It's all possible with Extreme Automated Campus.

By streamlining and automating the network you enable your customers to adapt faster to network changes. You also gain more insight and control over the users and applications within the network. Read more about what Automated Campus can do for you in the white paper.
Are you ready for Wifi 6?

Are you ready for Wifi 6? Contact us via
6th generation
802.11ax is the 6th WiFi generation known as WiFi 6.
Increased capacity
The new WiFi generation offers 4x more capacity for more devices than 802.11ac offers.
IoT optimized
Wifi 6 supports different sizes and resources. this allows administrators to provide IoT support even more efficiently.
Aerohive Networks is now available with Ingram Micro as Extreme Networks!
Extreme Networks successfully acquired Aerohive in 2019. With this acquisition, Extreme has now added the necessary cloud management and edge capabilities to its portfolio. As a result, Extreme is improving its position as a leader in Wi-Fi and NAC technology. In addition, it also brings SD-WAN options to the Extreme portfolio. In addition to their on-premise Wi-Fi and NAC technology, Extreme now also offers cloud-managed Wi-Fi and NAC solutions. But what exactly do these developments mean for you as an Ingram Micro partner?
New possibilities & a customized network
The market is moving fast towards cloud-managed networking. With the acquisition of Aerohive, Extreme is now well positioned to help you and your customers. The extensive portfolio offers more options in different verticals, it offers the possibility for cross-sell and up-sell and you can now create and manage a customized network for your customers.

Extreme / Aerohive partners now have the option to choose from a wide portfolio of software, hardware and services to create a network that suits your end customer. Aerohive's expertise in the field of cloud management and edge technology can now be perfectly combined with Extreme's extensive portfolio of solutions and their investment in software and Artifical Intelligence.
Ingram Micro offers the full portfolio

We see how successful Extreme is doing. We have already put together a specific team in 2019 so that we can offer our resellers more value and knowledge. From now on we can expand this value, because we can offer the full Aerohive portfolio. We offer you both technical and commercial knowledge, so that we can think along with you about a total solution for you and your customers.

Due to the short lines with Extreme and a European centralized warehouse, all your Extreme and Aerohive questions can be answered.
Aerohive partners

Extreme plans to continue investing in the success of Aerohive, in particular in the cloud management platform used by many Aerohive partners. Both the Extreme team and the Infrastructure Management team at Ingram Micro can help you further with all your questions about the transition. Below you will find useful resources and links so that you can find your way within Extreme Networks as an Aerohive partner.

Former HiveManager NG
You can log in here on ExtremeCloud ™ IQ (formerly HiveManager NG). You can log in with your HiveManager login details.

Aerohive Support
Are you looking for support for Aerohive products or services? View the links below for technical documents, training, Compliance info and End-of-Life Bulletins.
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Financial Solutions
Budget constraints? (Overcome Budgetary Objections. Sell the customer the solution the need, not just what they can pay cash for?)

Do you want an OpEx instead of CapEx model? (Spread the cost over time to maximise return on investment, Benefit from the latest technology at a fraction of the investment)

Finance the whole solution or just Extreme Networks

3 years 0% finance and/or Deferred payment on Extreme Networks
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Industry Feedback
Why Extreme: Customer-Driven Networking
"Extreme Networks reinvented itself in 2017 as a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise networking market."
"[Extreme's] beefed-up hardware results in higher quality of service, while the analytics provide valuable insights with respect to data capacity and consumption trends."
"Following recent acquisitions. Extreme Networks has put together one of the most powerful and prominent networking portfolios in the world."
Industry Feedback
"Extreme's solutions are exactly what need based on our vision to improve the overall experience at our hospital."
- Simon Gillbrook
IM&T Network Specialist at West Suffolk Hospital
"...we knew we wouldn't just get the products we wanted but also the service and support to deliver a network tailor - made for an effective learning environment."
- Grant Weaver
IT Director American School of Dubai
"Following recent acquisitions. Extreme Networks has put together one of the most powerful and prominent networking portfolios in the world."
- Donald Bertram
Director of Information Technology San Diego Community College District
Path to Gold Program
To help your Extreme Networks portfolio Ingram Micro has created the Extreme Networks Path to Gold Program.  The Path to gold program includes the following:

  • Maximize your potential to sell Extreme Networks solutions with a complete training and certification program at no cost to you
  • Marketing programs and resources to build awareness and demand with your customers
  • Discounts on products and services just by joining the Extreme Networks partner program
  • Direct support from your Ingram Micro team on product demo’s, site surveys, deal registration and much more!

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Extreme Network Access Points: Get 3 for the price of 1 promotion
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AP305CX-WR  |  AP305C-WR

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AH-NGCS-PT-3Y Cloud IQ 3-Year Subscription for one (1) Device
AH-NGCS-PT-5Y Cloud IQ 5-Year Subscription for one (1) Device