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the next generation of low blue light displays

As distance learning and remote working replace in-classroom and in-office working, many are spending more time using electronic devices that emit harmful blue light causing eye strain and fatigue. As a result, how we manage our health and ensure work life blend needs to be top of mind. Ingram Micro bring to you Lenovo’s next generation of low blue light ThinkVision displays certified with Eyesafe®. 

What is Eyesafe®?

Eyesafe® provides best in class, low blue light solutions for health by collaborating with world leaders in healthcare and consumer electronics. Using their research, they have developed technologies and standards to ensure requirements are met for accurate colour performance by reducing exposure to blue light and in turn reduce eye strain an fatigue. 

What is Blue light?

Blue light is commonly emitted from devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop monitors. The latter are of a particular concern as we are often positioned very close to the screen day after day and at hours at a time especially with the move of the workforce to a home environment.  For this reason, Lenovo have ensured their ThinkVision displays have successfully met the standards to be certified with Eyesafe®. All Lenovo ThinkVision displays that met the standards have a certified mark on their packaging.

Lenovo ThinkVision meeting Eyesafe® standards

Eyesafe® certified ThinkVision displays intelligently manages light energy at the source, selectively reducing blue light and dispersing it across the light spectrum. Lenovo’s innovative breakthrough on display panel technology means that there is no need to adjust settings or worry about a compromised colour experience. ThinkVision displays provide a beautiful, natural colour experience compared with software-only solutions, which significantly affect colour performance. The result is an industry-leading low blue-light display with exceptionally accurate colour.
Eyesafe® Certified ThinkVision products
The Following Products are Eyesafe® Certified:
Lenovo T24I-20 LCD 23.8IN 1920X1200 16:9 4MS 1000:1 VGA/HDMI IN
Lenovo T27H-20 27IN 2560X1440 16:9 1000:1 HDMI USB-C IN
Lenovo P24H 23.8IN QHD 1000:1 300CD HDMI/DP/USB T/S/L/P IN
Lenovo S28U-10 28-INCH UHD 16:9 1000:1 BACKLIT LCD HDMI IN
Lenovo T27HV-20 27IN IPS QHD 2560 X 1440 350CD 1000:1 4MS IN
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